TS100 Soldering Iron – The ultimate soldering iron for FPV (and at all!)

The TS100 – the soldering iron for all cases

In the FPV scene, you can argue super: Everyone has their subjective views, why one propeller is better than the other … and the frame flies better than this. But the TS100 is different: Here, everyone seems united: the TS100 is the best FPV soldering iron! A consensus rarely experienced otherwise.

TS100 digital soldering iron
TS100 digital soldering iron

The advantages of the TS100

I’ll just do that in bullet points:

  • Set-up time
    The speed until the TS100 has reached its working temperature is simple ! I do not know anyone else who heats so fast. It’s always a blast to look at the small display and watch the numbers go by.
  • Portable
    TS100 is really tiny, light and has a huge advantage: it has a standard power connector, to which a with an adapter cable 4S or 6S battery can be connected, so you can perform from the power grid and out in the field repairs and soldering work.
  • Weight and workmanship
    The TS 100 is hardly bigger and heavier than a pen. This, of course, makes him the ideal companion for the road. But still it is not a second-class device: The workmanship is impeccable and the soldering tips meet the highest demands.
  • Display and open firmware
    On the tiny but still very readable display, you get the temperature or the status (Standby, Hot …) displayed. Yes, the TS100 has a standby mode, because an acceleration sensor reveals the firmware whether the soldering iron is being used and turns it off when not in use in standby and later or drives him from the standby lightning fast again by simply put it in the Hand takes. That’s fascinating!
    The firmware is also Flashbar, there are already mods for the TS 100 and you can also program something yourself.
TS100 soldering iron soldering tips
Various soldering tips for the TS100

All in all, the TS100 is simply an incredibly awesome product. I do not know anybody who was not fascinated after holding it in their hands and not one who did not have a big grin on their face after counting the 350 degrees in 15 seconds.

The disadvantages of the TS100

Yes, they are also available with this soldering iron. But it is already said: The disadvantages are negligible compared to the advantages:

  • Equipment
    • Power Supply
      There is no PSU included with the TS100. Therefore, when buying make sure that you also buy a power adapter.
    • Adapter cable
      The great strength of the piston is just that it can be operated on a Lipo battery. I would have been very happy to see an XT60 adapter in the pack. With the help of the XT60 cable, you can then solder independently of the socket.
    • Station
      The soldering iron has a thin Stifform and no feet to support, so a bracket is needed, so you do not touch if you want to put down the TS100.
  • Soldering tip remove only with Imbus
    Here one could again something points if the soldering tip would be changeable without tools. Because even in the beautiful black cardboard packaging, you get the piston only if you remove the soldering tip with an Imbus. But that’s really whining at the highest level now.

My experiences with the TS100

I’m a big fan of the TS 100 Digital Programmable Soldering Iron. I have not touched anybody since I own this one.
In addition, I do not even use the power supply – because, with our power supply, the connection cable is quite heavy – with the XT60 adapter cable and a 4S battery leads the soldering iron not only easier – I am also location independent. So far, I’ve done all the work on my 3 “racer with the TS

And to be able to solder something in the field is simply awesome. It is seldom needed, but if: Then the TS100 is the one who makes the difference between “Goes nothing, has to go home” and a nice flying day!

TS100 Digital Soldering Iron Soldering Iron

buy recommendation

YES!!! Get the thing. You will not regret it.

The TS is available at Amazon and especially cheap at Banggood.

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