Start with small Quads

How do I start into the FPV Racing drone world?

A different approach than the simulator approach for FPV Racing drones beginner is to start directly with small drones or quadrocopters. Because the whole thing is much more affordable than you think. A first entrance is to be had already for under 20 euro. Of course, this has nothing to do with FPV, but you can “race” at least in the kitchen or in the office.

Level 1: A small drone for less than 20 Euro

Yes, there are micro drones ready to fly including remote control for 20 Euro. It’s not FPV, and they can’t be flown in acro mode, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun. On the contrary: With hardly any other toy you can spread so much laughter and good mood as with a Micro-Quad. In addition, you quickly notice “whether the whole thing is something”, because controlling it is really not that easy.

Eachine E010 and E011

Perfect for this are the two micro quadrocopters from Eachine, the E010 and the successor, E011. Unbelievable what you can get for your money. You have all control axes (4CH) like with a “big” Quad, a spark is also there (which is really uncomfortable small), the things are almost indestructible and fun is more than guaranteed.

E011 is the successor of the E010 and has next to the fake Lego man a bit stronger engines and is minimally bigger.

Eachine E011 WhiteBlue top Microdrone Micro Drohne weiß xpt

Eachine E011 White Blue dimensions microdrone micro drohne

The E011 Quadrocopter is available at the moment (October 2017) unfortunately only at Banggood in China. If you have to choose between Mode 1 and Mode 2, I would recommend Mode 2 – this is the more common configuration of the remote control. The shipping from China can take two to three weeks – but it’s free and the price for the Quad is the Hammer.
At Amazon, there is currently only the predecessor E010 in rot and in green.



Level 2: Real FPV fun for less than 100 Euro

Yes, read correctly! You can really fly FPV for less than 100 Euro. That means: From the drone’s point of view with FPV goggles and steer the quad itself.
Here how we jet a round by the Office:

Basically, the video transmission system (VTX) has nothing to do with the rest of the technology. So the remote control, the motors, the flight controller and the propeller form one unit, separated from it is then the video transmission system and the receiving goggles. So what you do for the “under one hundred” entry into real FPV is to buy a cheap pair of goggles, and to equip one of the drones from level 1 (see above) simply with a VTX + camera. These Cam + VTX modules are available as a tiny, ultralight coherent component:

Eachine TX01 VTX FPV Cam Drone Drohne Racing Video Videosystem

The two current wires of the component are then soldered to the board of the microquad (Anleitung hier).




What is still missing is the FPV goggles. The Eachine VX800 is a perfect entry-level model with an incredible price of less than 60 Euros.

Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles Brille Fatshark Drone Drohne




Without soldering – finished FPV Micro-Drones

Anyone who has absolutely no desire soldering hat (which you should get used to if you are dealing with FPV Racing) you can also buy a finished Micro-Quad with already mounted VTX-System. . Here, too, you can confidently go for Eachine when it comes to price/performance. (There are even a kit with goggles. But we’d rather recommend the goggles from above):

Eachine E013 FPV Quad Quadcopter Racing Drohne Drone Drohnen Renndrohne Fatshark DJI DRL Flug RC



And what do I do with the drone now? Practice flying of course! =) With the small quad copters I like to fly in my flat, but I can’t really break much.

However, as a beginner on the way to the right FPV pilot, I would recommend a special exercise as the first step: The Hovern. To do this you place the Microquad on the ground and press the Throttle Stick (the throttle stick – in fashion this is the one on the left) exactly until you “just don’t” lift off. If the quad then jerks around on the ground with the right lever let the drone slide on the ground.

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Level 3: Real brushless racers for 100 to 200 Euro

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