Learn to fly FPV drones – The book to download

FPV drones learn to fly – The book for download

In 8 steps to become an FPV pilot – The book to learn to fly FPV drones

Controlling an FPV Racing drone is much more difficult than for example a DJI Phantom or DJI Mavic Pro. After all, it’s about racing equipment that has to move at the absolute limit. Information and strategies about FPV drone flying and how to get there fastest can be found in the book “In 8 Steps to FPV Pilot”. The book is a “How-To” for beginners and advanced pilots.

FPV Drohnen fliegen lernen - In 8 Schritten zum FPV Pilot Buch Download FPVRacingDrone

How do I learn to fly a Racecopter?

By practicing! “(“No, really now?”). It is probably obvious. But what exactly one should practice, with which flight exercises one should begin, you find in the book. The “basic exercises” also help you if you want to learn how to steer a comrade drone safely. Only later come to the exercises and flight maneuvers, which can only be performed with an ACRO capable Racing drone, are possible. To start the famous Split-S maneuver, you have to turn the drone upside down – this is only possible with racers with modern FCs. You can read what comes after the “headlong part” in the book.

The book for FPV beginners at Digistore for 9.95 Euro

The book “In 8 Schritten zum FPV Pilot” is a book with a step-by-step guide for beginners and interested people.  It is available at xxxxx Digistore24.de for €9,95.

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FPV Racing Drone Ebook In 8 Steps to FPV Pilot

What do I have to do to get the book for free?

Not much: Just subscribe to the newsletter here, and you will receive a download link as long as the promotion is running. If the promotion is over, you will get a voucher code for a discount at Digistore24.

Can I simply unsubscribe from the newsletter when I have downloaded the book?

Yes, you can. But out of fairness, I would be happy if you stay a little bit subscribed to the newsletter. You will also get exciting FPV information with the newsletter: New articles or updates to articles about FPV Racing Drones and news from the FPV Racing and Freestyle scene.