What is a CineWhoop? | A brief into CineWhoops

Very briefly: CineWhoops (or HD Whoop or CineDrone) are small quadcopters with propeller protection that are flown FPV and can record in HD.

The “history” of the CineWhoops

At the very beginning was the TinyWhoop. A toy class quadcopter, those little drones with ducts/prop guards (the rings around the propellers), but unlike the toy quads with a real flight controller that lets it fly acro and with a receiver that connects to your real radio.

The next “escalation class” then came with the Brushless Whoop. In this article here I write about the TinyHawk and the Mobula7, the two little firecrackers for the winter. And now to summer, it continues:

Cinewhoops are Tiny Brushless Whoops with HD Camera

What has always been a shame about the TinyWhoops is that you couldn’t take an additional camera with you for YouTube-ready footage. You needed at least 2″ for that, but it only works with 3″ or more — and then really well, even with a GoPro.

RunCam on CineWhoops with HD recording.
RunCam Split Mini 2

The HD-capable cameras were always too heavy and had to be attached in addition to the FPV system, unthinkable for a 1″ model. But then came a little game-changer:

RunCam brought the RunCam Split to the market. An FPV camera that could simultaneously supply the FPV feed but also record in HD to a MicroSD along with the associated circuit board. Caddx followed suit with the Caddx Turtle and RunCam and eliminated the biggest shortcoming with the RunCam Mini: the circuit board shrunk, and so it was suddenly possible to bring HD recording to extremely small and lightweight quads. And then the CineWhoop was born.

Check the Mobula7 HD flight performance and video quality (in very bad weather):

The coolest thing about this class is the human compatibility of brushless micros in combination with HD recording. This allows completely new possibilities for videos, even if they are probably still not allowed in Germany.

For all models mentioned below, you have to choose a radio protocol (depending on the radio), and you should get additional batteries. For FPV flying, you need, of course, FPV goggles.

The best CineWhoops

Even though the CineWhoop class is probably the youngest among FPV racers, there is already quite a selection of CineWhoops.

Happymodel Mobula7 HD

When I first saw the Mobula7 (not HD) flying with its 2S power, I thought to myself: “Now it should only be able to record in HD.” And that’s what the people at Happymodel thought and found a way to make it possible with the Caddx Turtle.

Happymodel Mobula7 HD one of the best CineWhoops
Happymodel Mobula7 HD

Not only that, but I think the coolest thing is that the mini-thing flies on 3S(!!!). And houses an F4 flight controller and can radio a 200mW FPV signal.

I’m still gobsmacked that this fits in such a small package. Speaking of which, I find the Mobula7 HD one of the best looking whoops or maybe drones ever.

iFlight CineBee 75HD

While the Mobula7 HD is still very reminiscent of a TinyWhoop, the CineBee looks more like a minimized freestyle quad. This is mainly due to the carbon frame and the top-mount option for the LiPo. However, the additional weight is already noticeable compared to the Mobula7 HD.

iFlight CineBee75HD one of the best CineWhoops
iFlight CineBee 75HD
iFlight CineBee75HD one of the best CineWhoops in black color.
iFlight CineBee 75HD Black

Price comparison

iFlight CineBee 75HD by Amazon

iFlight CineBee 75HD by Banggood

URUAV UR85 / UR85HD Bushido

The UR85 is an HD variant of CineWhoop. The HD variant then also has larger motors, and in the BNF variants, the receiver directly on the flight controller.

URUAV UR85HD is one of the best CineWhoops, you are going to love it for sure.
URUAV UR85HD Bushido

Price comparison

URUAV UR85HD Bushido by Amazon

URUAV UR85HD Bushido by Banggood

Shendrones Squirt v2

Inigo Montoya takes a slightly different (larger) approach with the Squirt. But the good piece can also carry a full GoPro.

Shendrones Squirt v2 that gives certain benefit that you will admire.
Shendrones Squirt v2

Tomoquads Whoopee HD

Actually, the Whoopee HD is just a frame.

Tomoquads Whopee HD is one frame.
Tomoquads Whopee HD


At last, I am sure that you have learned all about the CineWhoop, I myself have a Mobula7 HD and can’t get out of my amazement at the technology that fits into such a small thing. And it is really no problem to fly the thing on the meadow where other people are — it is safe, and above all, it does not threaten others.

Only the quality of the HD recordings can not yet keep up with a GoPro or similar. But when I think about what my phone can do in this size today, I’m looking forward to more in this class!

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