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Which Goggles should I buy for FPV?

Goggles are the link between your FPV Racer and you. It’s the interface, the interface that allows us to “get in” our quad and create the immersive feeling of flying. When you think of 3D goggles like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you’re not all wrong. And yet our Fatshark Dominator, Aomway Commander or Eachine EV are something completely different. Because it’s about completely different goals. What these are and what the best FPV goggles are for beginners you can find out here in this article:

What is the difference between FPV goggles and 3D goggles and which goggles should I buy for my FPV Racing drone?

An FPV goggle is basically nothing more than a monitor that you can sit on your head. The “normal” FPV goggles have two mini monitors, one for each eye. The focus, however, is not on the immersive experience of 3D worlds such as an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. With these 3D goggles, “immersion” is supported by motion sensors that track your head movement and move the image accordingly. With FPV goggles, the image always stays in front of you, even when you move your head.

FPV goggles are all about one thing: transmission speed. To keep signal paths as short as possible, analog technology is still used today. This means that the picture quality is often limited. On the other hand, the image from your race-copter is faster in front of your eyes, and when you fly through a window at 100 km/h, it is often the tenth of a second that makes the difference.

Many FPV goggles are also modular, like the Fatshark FPV goggles. This means that the goggles are actually just a monitor, and you install a receiver module that receives the radio signal from the drone and converts it into a picture signal.

Which are the best FPV goggles?

The Fatshark Dominator HDO. (US) I think if I write it like this, more than half of the FPV community would agree with me. But the goggles also have their price. In Germany, it’s about 500 – 600 Euro. And then there is not even a receiver module.

But what makes the Fatshark special is the resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, which is quite high for FPV conditions, and especially the field of view (FOV) of 42°. 42 degrees are a top value in the FPV world. You don’t want more, because then you would have to move your eyes too much. With 3D goggles for immersion desired – but in the FPV racing world disadvantageous, after all, we have to react as fast as possible.

However, the HD3 could soon face competition from Eachine, which is using the Eachine EV200D a real declaration of war, as well as by the Topsky F7X Goggles. Unfortunately, both are not available at the moment (December 2017) (respectively, Topsky stopped the production for improvements after the first batch). But we’ll keep you up to date!

What are FPV Box goggles or Boxed goggles?

Boxed Glasses are small TFT screens that are placed upside down a few centimeters away from the eyes with the help of a box. There are also very high quality boxed goggles, but these goggles are more likely to be found in the cheap sector.

Boxed goggles are usually a bit heavier, bulkier and just always look a bit stupid. With boxed goggles, the receiver is mostly built in and not exchangeable. A big advantage is that boxed goggles can be viewed from a distance or even used as an external monitor.

The best FPV goggles for beginners and beginners

For beginners and beginners, I would recommend cheaper models. With it less capital is tied up and even if the hobby becomes “serious” and you upgrade to the top goggles mentioned above, you still have goggles for friends to let these “fly along”. And you want that more often than you think.  =)

Here are three inexpensive models that are worth every cent:

Eachine E800D

Eachine EV800D FPV Brille Glasses Racing FPVRacingdrone Drohne Anfänger Einsteiger

The Eachine E800D is an FPV boxed pair of goggles that really comes with a whole bunch: it has diversity (roughly speaking: two antennas) and a neat receiver, good search and you can take it apart and use it as a monitor.  It has a 5″ screen and a 480 resolution (800×480). Some of today’s top pilots have already learned to fly the FPV on the E800D. =)

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Eachine E800

Who wants it gaaaanz favorable to have: The probably most favorable FPV goggles is the abgespeckte version: The Eachine EV800 has only a simple Receiver, cost for it with Banggood only around the 50 Euro!

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Eachine EV100

Eachine EV100 FPV Brille Glasses FPVRacingDrone Einsteiger Anfänger Weiß

With the EV100 Eachine has brought a real price breaker into the market for normal (i.e. non-boxed) goggles.  For the price, one must make naturally compromises in relation to the established marks. But actually, there is only one thing about the EV100: the field of vision.

The picture in front of your eyes is really extremely small with its angle (FOV) of only 28 degrees. But all other features are really OK for the price, the receiver doesn’t afford any weaknesses and also the antenna diversity pleases.  If you’re not a fan of boxed goggles, you’ll find good FPV goggles for beginners here.

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