New Maps for FPV Freerider Recharged

FPV Freerider is a simulator for FPV quads . With this simulator, you can practice flying very well with your spark on the computer without constantly crashing your drone. You can even use your own spark.

FPV Freerider is very simple and not necessarily the most realistic simulator in the field of aerospace physics – but it is not very demanding in terms of hardware (it even works on a mobile phone!) And unbeatably cheap ($ 5).

When successor  FPV Freerider Recharged was neatly turned on the graphics screw – but then also requires a correspondingly powerful system.

One of the new levels from the Freerider Recharged Map Pack

New Maps for FPV Freerider Recharged

Now a new map pack for freerider recharged has come out, and the maps look really nice. Also, the price for $3 is fine, even if I had preferred the maps as a free update after I have already paid $22 (with donation) for FPV Freerider Recharged.

The Custom Level Pack includes:

– Big Hollow Bando
– Fifty-Fifty
– Treehouse
– 2018 MultiGP Regional Series Qualifier Track

MultiGP Universal Time Trial Tracks:

– UTT 1
– UTT 2 Tsunami
– UTT 3 Bessel Run
– UTT 4 High Voltage
– UTT 5 Nautilus
– UTT 6 Fury

If you already own FPV Freerider Recharged then you should get the pack in any case, whoever does not have FPV Freerider Recharged can get it for only $10 .

Alternatives to free-riders

Freeriders / Freeriders Recharged are two extremely popular FPV simulators. But they are by far not the only ones. Interested people should also take a look at this:

Freerider vs. Liftoff vs. Velocidrone Vs. Rotor rush


Unfortunately, Liftoff is only included on the Steam platform , but probably the “cutest” product on the FPV simulator market. In addition to good flight physics, there is a heterogeneous selection of maps and various modes, including a freestyle mode in which your FPV freestyle moves are scored points. Liftoff is my most used simulator at the moment.


The Velocidrone , created in collaboration with TBS, is described by many pilots as the simulator with the most realistic flight behavior.

Rotor rush

Especially, racers swear by Rotor Rush . Unfortunately, Rotor Rush is really designed for FPV racing and not as flexible as the requirements of freestyle pilots.

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