(KingKong resp.) LDARC Tiny 7X – Monster fun in the Tiny Whoop class

Tiny 7X

KingKong is now called LDARC – LDARC Tiny 7X

The company KingKong was renamed to LDARC (I assume for trademark reasons). When the shop was called KingKong, they had two great successes with the small quads in the “Tiny Whoop” size: the KingKong Tiny 6 and the KingKong Tiny 7.

In addition, KingKong has now under the name LDARC not only 2, but 3 successors brought: LDARC Tiny 6X, LDARC Tiny 7X and who would have guessed: LDARC Tiny 8X!

KingKong Tiny 6 – The old model of success

What is “Tiny Whoop”?

The LDARC Tiny 8X is no longer a “Tiny Whoop”, but it is almost too big for that. The term Tiny Whoop was coined by the company TinyWhoop.com. However, the term Tiny Whoop of the FPV scene is now abused for all mini-drones with 1 “propellers that you can fly FPV. The Tiny series is a copy of the TinyWhoops.

LDARC Tiny 7X – More Power => More Fun

I let out a Tiny 7X. The LDARC Tiny 7X is slightly larger than the Tiny 6 or Tiny 6X and has bigger engines, a bigger battery, and more power!
But it is still a little whoop with prop-guards, so you can easily fly inside and bump into things or people, crash, etc … that puts away the little easy.

But the special thing about it: unlike the KingKong Tiny 6X, the Tiny 7X simply has more mass, which is why it simply pushes away the very small branches that cause a 6X to crash on flights outside, for example. Here is a video of the first flight, due to lack of skill you can maybe see what I mean 😉

The part just makes a hell of a lot of fun, especially because you can quickly take it into the cigarette break and make a small round.

I bought with the RTF ( Ready To Fly ) package ( BG , Amz , GB ), which contains everything so that you can fly: The quad, a battery, charger, battery level indicator, a really nice suitcase, and a small spark.

LDARC Tiny 7X RTF Kit with remote control

This can be started directly, but what you should consider or should have is, of course, a FPV goggles

The special in the RTF kit: the remote control

What is so special about the kit: It is probably the LDARC X8 RC radio remote control, this is equipped with a CC2500 transmitter, which also dominates Frsky !

LDARC X8 RC with RX800

This could, as they are not particularly cool, but just so useful, my “travel spark”. It should be noted, however, that you have to flash the FrSky protocol on it and if you do that, you need to replace the receiver on the Tiny X if you want to continue flying this way.

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