DRL Racer 3 | The Quad from the Drone Racing League

Where can you buy the DRL Racer 3?

Now you have to be very strong: the DRL R3 is not available for purchase. Also not in the DRL shop. But there are alternatives. Which, you can read below.

DRL Racer 3

What is the Drone Racing League (DRL)?

The DRL is a racing series for racing drones. The format was developed especially for television and is not uncontroversial in the scene, but visually a feast for the eyes. Take a look at it here:

What is special about the DRL Racer 3

The DRL Racer 3 (short DRL R3) is the official racequad for the league which is flown by all pilots to create equal opportunities. The DRL Quad is an in-house development of DRL, although of course it is largely based on freely available parts, the most striking thing about the DRL race drone is probably the polycarbonate plastic case with the LEDs at first sight. I think the whole thing looks very cool through the shell and especially the cover for the camera.

Due to the additional technology and the shell, it is relatively heavy for a racing quadrocopter of this size (it is a 6 “, not 5”): It weighs about one kilogram. Nevertheless, its flight characteristics are praised by most pilots and through the 5S Power it still has enough punch: The ratio of power to weight (thrust-to-weight ratio) is acceptable 7: 1 (the agile racing drones have 10-15: 1)

DRL Racer 3 specification

  • Waterproof (DRL R3 Polycarbon Canopy)
  • 980 grams
  • Frame: DRL R3 Custom TrueX
  • Battery: Pulse 1800mAh 5S
  • PDB: Custom (DRL R3 PDB)
  • ESC: Rotorgeeks 20A RG20 Plus
  • Engine: BrotherhobbyT2 2206 1800kV
  • Propeller: HQProps 6x4x4
  • Receiver: TBS Crossfire V2 Micro
  • Transmitter: TS5823
  • Antenna: Lumenier AXII (LHCP)
  • Motolabs Cyclone
  • FPV Cam: Rotorgeeks HS1177 with 2.5mm GoPro Lens
  • Cam: GoPro Session 5

Are there alternatives to the DRL Racer 3

Of course! More importantly, what’s your skill level? As a total beginner, the R3 would not really bring you much – flying such a part takes some practice on the simulator before you can even hold such a racer in the air. (That’s just a racer and not a DJI drone!).

If you are still interested, I can recommend getting started with a complete set (for less than 100 €) with spark and goggles, with which you can even fly inside: QC 90 Kit. Read more about speed drones to get started here.

If you are already advanced or want to start with very big ambitions, the Diatone GT220S delivers incredible performance for less than 300 Euros (but do not forget the rest like goggles, spark, batteries etc.).

Diatone GT220S as DRL R3 alternative

Is there then somewhere to buy the old DRL Racer 2

Unfortunately, the DRL R2 is not available on the open market. Most likely, one can still research and rebuild the parts. But then I would rather advise rebuilding the Racer 3 with the parts list above or anyway use a separate combination.

Be informed as soon as there is the R3 to buy!

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8 Replies to “DRL Racer 3 | The Quad from the Drone Racing League”

    1. Ja natürlich, soweit du die Teile bekommen kannst hält dich niemand vom Zusammenbau ab. Die Hülle ist zur Zeit aber leider wohl nicht zu bekommen. Falls du aber meinst ob man mit einem Nachbau bei der DRL fliegen kannst: Das geht nicht, da wird der Racer 3 gestellt.

      1. Danke für die Antwort ,

        möchten den nur für Zuhause, beim Gehäuse wird schwierig, aber der Rest ist weniger das Problem.

        Mir war nur wicht ob kein Markenschutz oder so darauf ist.

        1. hallo,
          welchen frame benutzen sie denn.
          will auch einen für zu hause aber kenne die maße leider nicht wenn sie die maße des drl haben da bitte so schnell wie möglich mir schicken.


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