DJI Mavic Air FPV

We have made our newly arrived DJI Mavic Air FPV suitable

The Mavic Air is probably the hottest camera drone currently, but we are actually not DJI aviators but FPV Racer pilots. And what do you want as an FPV pilot? Exactly: The thing from the first-person perspective fly, but do not stop ‘staring at the phone’.

So we built a DJI Mavic Air FPV. 😜

DJI Mavic Air FPV
DJI Mavic Air FPV

Can you fly the Mavic Air FPV?

Joah, you can go. But it takes a lot of getting used to. With the goggles, you have a wide-angle image for FPV, which does not necessarily match the flight characteristics of the DJI. But you can definitely steer well from the first-person perspective and above all have no time delays as on the phone. So with a bit of practice, that should allow you to fly a bit of proximity with the Mavic AIR.

What we used to build the DJI Mavic Air FPV

Felix has just designed a 3D part, which keeps the AIO FPV Cam. Originally, it had side panels when we got it from the 3D printer, but unfortunately, they did not quite fit under the propellers. So sawed off and done quite provisionally with tape to the Mavic. Because that was surprisingly good, but just with the back of the tape n 1S battery on it and our “Jenny Air FPV” was ready =)

Drone: DJI Mavic Air More Combo
All-In-One FPV Camera:  Eachine TX01 AIO FPV Camera   ( Banggood )
Battery:  1S Lipo 260mah ( Banggood )
Glasses: Fatshark Dominator V3 or Eachine EV100

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