Robogenesis shows his skills with the DRL Racer 3

Robogenesis, the winner of the DLR Swatch Tryouts 2018, shows his flying skills with the DRL Racer 3. It’s unbelievable how the guy controls the official Racequad of the Drone Racing League. What I like best is the reverse orbit at 1: 44. I think this is the first time I have seen this variant of the Mr. Steele signature move.

Another impressive thing is that the heavy weight of the DRL R3 does not seem to affect the agility of the drone. Neogenesis moves the thing so fast through the air that you think the video has to be accelerated.

Really incredible pilots like Robogenesis show what level the FPV scene is at, and the skills are amazing. Or how benii  simply asks him, “Do you think the world is running too slow?” XD

The DRL tryouts were streamed through and Rogogenesis has won a $75,000 contract as the winner and will be starting for Swatch in the next DRL season.

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