Lego drone

Where can I buy a Lego drone?

What is a “Lego drone” anyway? Should you buy such a Lego Done? Since when does Lego build drones? These questions should be answered here.

Is there an official Lego drone?

No. Lego does not actually build any drones, a “Lego-Drone” is a kit that lets you build a drone that also uses Lego parts.

Where can I buy such a Lego drone?

The best offer in German-speaking countries is on Amazon. Look at the different kits here:

D24 beginner copter

Lego Drone 01 DS24 Begoeger Copter drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor

Buy D24 Beginner Copter Lego Drone from Amazon

D24 Hexacopter

Lego Drone DS24 Building Block Hexacopter drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor

Buy D24 Hexacopter Lego Drone from Amazon

FLY-GO ARF drone

Lego drone FLY-GO ARF drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor

Buy FLY GO Lego Drone from Amazon

Or just browse:

Find more kits on

Are they easy to build?

Yes, the small models are quite easy to build, but unfortunately also a little prone to crumble into many parts during the crash.

Are the races suitable? Are you the right racing quads?

No, they can not FPV, and also no race-ready Flight controller is installed. And even some tuning of the models would bring nothing because Lego construction is simply not stable enough to withstand racing drones hardware. But they still do fly very nice – and it’s really fun to move to build through the air.

Conclusion: A nice Christmas present for hobbyists and nerds (gift idea!)

So who is that for? I guess, if you know someone who likes Lego and is interested in the topic drones, FPV and model making: Here’s a great gift idea! But if you’re interested in FPV Racing, then you’d better look here.

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