DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI – the leading manufacturer of camera drones – has created a milestone in the consumer class with the Mavic Pro. The peculiarity of the Mavic Pro is certainly that despite all the capabilities that the larger Phanton models bring, they can be folded to an extremely small pack size.

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition perspective FPV race racer

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Limited Edition

Now DJI has released a special limited edition of the Mavic Pro in white and she is a real eye-catcher:

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition top FPV race racer
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition folds FPV race racer
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition front FPV race racer

Where can I buy the DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White?

The Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone is offered “exclusively” at Apple. But that’s not quite true, because there is the Alpine White Limited Edition synonymous with DJI in their own shop to buy, but only for delivery to the States. If there are other options, we will add that here.

If you use this link to buy, you’ll even get $ 50 off:

Buy at DJI

What are the differences between the normal Mavic Pro and the Alpine White?

She is white 😅.

Is the Mavic Pro Alpine White a race copter? Can she Acro?

No, the Mavic is definitely not a race drone. Although there is a sports mode in which you fly quite fast for a camera drone, the performance is in no way approaching a real racer like the Furibee. Also, she can still Acro-mode, the few videos that came out until now are fakes (It was an April Fool’s joke).

But who knows? With a firmware update, that should actually be possible to fly the Mavic in Acrobatic mode. However, the battery does not have the output and the engines do not have the punch to fly like a real racing drone. If you are interested in such a thing, look here.

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