Black and Red color FPV drone flying in the air

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If you’re reading this, you probably saw a cool FPV video not too long ago and thought to yourself: I want that too! Now you want to know what you need to get started (like a complete FPV beginner package, just the best beginner FPV drone) and get started right away.

Then congratulations, you have found the right place. =)


FPV drones learn to fly – The book for Download

8 Steps to the FPV Pilot – The Book to Learn to Fly FPV Drones

Controlling an FPV drone is much more difficult than, for example, a DJI Phantom or DJI Mavic Pro. Finally, it is about racing equipment, which should move at the absolute limit. Information and strategies about the FPV fly and how to learn the fastest how to find a drone in the book “In 8 steps to the FPV pilot”. The book is a “how-to” for beginners and advanced.

FPV drones learn to fly Flying Drone reading a book on how to fly drones
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FPV AIO Cams – All-In-One Cameras for FPV Drones (and Spies)

What is an FPV, AIO Cam?

An FPV AIO Cam is a small component that combines a camera, a video transmitter (VTx) and an antenna. This component only needs a power source and you can already receive the signal with FPV goggles .

Such a tiny camera can then be glued to all sorts of things and see the world from their perspective. If you can now control the whole thing (like race models or threats) you have a real “first-person perspective” experience.

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The fastest drone in the world (267 km/h) – Quadmovr Movr5r2 F80


Quadmovr (yes, it is written in this way and not Quadmover) from Germany is probably the best-known LOS pilot in the racing drones area. One of my favorite videos comes from him (especially because of the sound), you’ll find it on the homepage. His current Movr series arguably the fastest drone in the world, as he is also one of the busiest designers, pushing his builds to the limit.

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FPVRacingDrone @ JungleHub

How did this site come about?

When I saw Mr.Steele’s first YouTube videos with FPV Racing drones, it was all about me. The nerd in me made leaps of joy and got big eyes, and when I saw (and heard!) The performance of these quadcopters in a Quadmovr video (the LOS video on the front page ) my jaw clattered on the keyboard. The DRL videos were like F-Zero or WipeOut on the console – just in real.

It was clear to me: “I have to do that too”. But gathering together the information as a beginner was not so easy. So many technical terms, so four new things, and I had no plan of it. It was clear to me: If I understood that to some extent, I build a site for those interested, beginners and beginners. So they do not have to search as long as me.

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Lego drone

Lego Drohne 01 drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor

Where can I buy a Lego drone?

What is a “Lego drone” anyway? Should you buy such a Lego Done? Since when does Lego build drones? These questions should be answered here.

Is there an official Lego drone?

No. Lego does not actually build any drones, a “Lego-Drone” is a kit that lets you build a drone that also uses Lego parts.

Where can I buy such a Lego drone?

The best offer in German-speaking countries is on Amazon. Look at the different kits here:

D24 beginner copter

Lego Drone 01 DS24 Begoeger Copter drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor
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