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How did this site come about?

When I saw Mr.Steele’s first YouTube videos with FPV Racing drones, it was all about me. The nerd in me made leaps of joy and got big eyes, and when I saw (and heard!) The performance of these quadcopters in a Quadmovr video (the LOS video on the front page ) my jaw clattered on the keyboard. The DRL videos were like F-Zero or WipeOut on the console – just in real.

It was clear to me: “I have to do that too”. But gathering together the information as a beginner was not so easy. So many technical terms, so four new things, and I had no plan of it. It was clear to me: If I understood that to some extent, I build a site for those interested, beginners and beginners. So they do not have to search as long as me.

Jungle Hub

In the summer of 2017, I’m off and have traveled two months in Europe. I was sure, “This is so long and so much time, I will certainly take care of my online projects”. Well, unfortunately, the tour was way too good, the people I met too nice, the drinks too delicious and the sun too nice, as I had time to sit longer on the computer.

But after two months “doing nothing” came a bit of a guilty conscience. And then the right mail: Tim Chimoy offers a workshop with the wonderful, handy short title “8 Weeks Digital Business Intensive Mastermind” or 8WDBIMM “.

Booked! That was the pistol on my chest that I needed to finally get a bit more serious about the stories. The selection FPVRacingDrone.de as a main project to take was not so easy – I thought others of my projects would be more exciting for a workshop, I’m just so horny on the multicopter 😉

Since then, I was pleased that the confirmation came in the group, This is an exciting topic worth working on in the workshop.

The other projects

Overall, we were only 6 “students” who participated, our mentors were Tim , Martha and Charles.

My other projects


A page for the American market about specialized cats and dog food. My time as a consultant at Fressnapf has brought me to this topic.



Concept not making sense since 2008.
Actually says it all. xD


A site for minimalists and design lovers. Everything in black.

Powder Snow

Skiing is a big passion of mine, and powder snow is a godsend:

Powder Snow (Facebook)


Flower bulbs, seeds and more. At the moment


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  1. Hallo Patrick,
    Bei der Recherche zu meinem Buch, Thema Backlinks, bin ich auf Deinen Link hier gestossen. Dankeschön!
    Zu Deiner Design-Liebhaber-Seite: Ich habe letzthin Pfade gekreuzt mit einer Koreanischen Touristin, die folgenden Spruch auf Ihrem T-Shirt hatte: “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.” 🙂
    Liebe Grüsse

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