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FPVRacingDrone.de – This site is about Racing Drones and Racing Quadrocopter which are flown with the help of a pair of goggles from a First-Person-View (= FPV). On these pages, you will find everything you need to get into this fantastic hobby. Here you will learn how to get started, what to buy, what fits together and how to take your first steps.

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But first, this should be said: Racing drones do only at first sight have something in common with the well-known camera drones like DJI (like Phantom or the Mavic Pro). Racing Quadcopter are much more agile and way faster than a static camera drone. (Camera drones are for noobs 🤭). But the racing drone is also totally dependent on the pilot: No GPS keeps the device on the spot – when the pilot lets go of the joysticks, it’s usually just a crash for your Quad.

But then you can be sure that the FPV goggles and the perspective associated with them together with the unbelievable performance (FPV Racing Drones are equipped with absolutely uncompromising performance components like high-KV brushless motors, ESCs, FlightController, and High-Discharge LiPos be achieved) to a unique experience.

Small taste sample? First of all FPV:

And then again LOS (Line Of Sight) – Volume Up!

Are you interested? 😉

OK! So here at FPVRacingDrone.org, you get questions answered like:

Have fun with FPVRacingDrone!

How to start?

How to start with FPV Racing?

Two possibilities

Basically, there are two different approaches. The approach with small quadrocopters or the simulator.

A small list of the advantages and disadvantages of the two options:



  • Very inexpensive entry
  • You’re going to learn the “essentials”
  • Lower costs due to less material wear
  • When you buy something, you usually buy it right away. “The right thing” (e.g. the spark) without transition via intermediate products


  • Artificial: no “real” flying experience
  • No experience with damage and repair in crashes
  • Nix for outdoors

Start with small Quads


  • Just like flying
  • More fun
  • More representative – you can let your friends join in too
  • Experience with quadrocopters and their construction


  • Expensive because you buy many models, which you will hardly need later on, and you often have to repair them.
  • More time-consuming (you don’t get flight experience as fast as in a simulator)

Next Level: A real Brushless Racequad

Once you have gained your first experience and have overcome your fear of contact (whether on the simulator or with small toy drones), it’s time for the next step: a proper racing drone. But preferably one that is a little forgiving and not broken at the first contact with something. After all, we are not yet professionals. You can read about what’s suitable here: