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TikTok Madness

Yup, those of you who don’t live under a rock may already have noticed: TikTok is the social network of the moment and is growing at a really rapid pace. No “technology” in human history has ever spread as fast as TikTok.

TikTok reaches one billion users after only 3 years Social Media Growing Chart (currently 1.4 billion)
TikTok reaches one billion users after only 3 years (currently 1.4 billion)

FPVTok – The niche for FPV drones

The unbelievable amount of content and the matching algorithm stood out: everyone can find their niche here. Or rather, it is found for you.

And what then, of course, must not be missing: FPV Racer, found under the hashtag #FPV!

Our first FPV TikTok 😉

We dared to do it, too, and have remained close to the “origins”: Very short and adapted to the sample:


A dude rippin his flat with a tiny #FPV Drone. #fpvracing #racequad #tinywhoop #drones #fpvracingdrones #dji sucks 🤣 #analog @mrsteelefpv got me here #heidelberg #mobula6 #race

♬ Originalton – PatrickTT

There will be definitely more to come, follow us on TikTok

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