FPV ASMR | Slightly different build-video experience

What is ASMR?

What is an ASMR? These are videos or rather audios, in which soft sounds and speech or whispers are recorded, which trigger this strangely pleasant feeling in many people – like goosebumps, tingling and grinning.

More precisely, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (Wikipedia) – That’s the goosebumps feeling.

An ASMR FPV Drone Build-Video

So Jakub G. aka Jakub X (YouTube) aka Cobonovi (Insta) created this wonderful build-video, where besides fantastic shots, the sound is the main focus. And we know the crackling of the anti-static film in which the electrical components such as flight controllers are packed or the hissing of the soldering iron when we wipe off the excess tin on the cushion.

Recording hardware

He used the RØDE VideoMic Pro+ on a Zoom H4N (Th) to record the main track, and a lavalier on a Tascam DR-10L (Th) for an additional track.

FPV Racing Drone

And here are the parts of the build:

  • Armattan Marmotte 5″ Frame DJI Version
  • T-motor F40 IV 2400KV
  • Holybro F7 HDV FC and Tekko32 65A ESC
  • Buzzer
  • Caddax Vista
  • Crossfire Nano with Immortal-T Antenna

Really a very different build-video. And as an audiophile, I must say, “I like it!” =)

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