BetaFPV Cetus Pro FPV Kit – An innovative entry-level and a low-cost beginner’s complete set

BetaFPV has always been pleasing drone lovers and taking the drone world by storm, thanks to the dynamic and immersive video footage they’re capable of capturing.

TinyWhoops (the very small FPV drones) is the best and ideal choice as an entry-level for beginners to pros currently. Cetus Pro is the top, premium option and complete package among other generations, in which includes everything you need to get started in the exciting world of first-person view drones (also called RTF, “Ready to Fly”). Cetus Pro is easy to control, durable and can hold its position, and can handle crashes, not to mention that it is low cost. It is more powerful and maneuverable for all starters as well as FPV pros to practice indoor and outdoor.

The set includes everything you need for FPV flying:

  • The TinyWhoop (Mini FPV Drone).
  • The spark (remote controller). The controller is compatible with drone simulators.
  • VR02 FPV goggles.
  • Batteries.
  • Battery charger.

There are also a few useful extras:

fpv merch, drone
  • Replacement propeller.
  • Cable for simulator flying with controller.
  • Tote bag (I like this one a lot!).
  • Instruction, stickers…

FPV radio and goggles

VR02 FPV Goggles, Goggles

The small BetaFPV radio LiteRadio2 SE is known and really quite decent, I recommend this even as a budget version for large FPV racers. The goggles are more in the toy class. But you have to save on the goggles to get the package price into these regions. A good pair of FPV goggles costs a good four times as much as the entire package. But they are sufficient.

Drone and flight modes for beginners

BetaFPV clearly focuses on FPV beginners with the Cetus Pro FPV Kit. Everything is pre-configured. (Normally it is quite fiddly in the FPV area, until you have connected the drone with the radio remote control and set). There are 3 different flight modes that you can use depending on your skills.

Cetus Pro Brushless Quadcopter

The Beginner has a stabilized mode – this keeps the mini FPV drone horizontal. And here on the Cetus Pro FPV Kit, the whoop is even supposed to hold altitude! This is relatively new in this class and whether it works well, we can only say when we receive our test model (subscribe to our newsletter – then you will get the info as soon as we have finished the test).

If the “Altitude Hold” really works well, this is really a big plus for FPV beginners. But remember: “Drift” to the sides can then still exist – GPS in the size does not yet exist 😉.

Emergency Landing, Turtle Mode And Full ACRO

I would rather put the “Emergency Landing” function in the category “Marketing Gimmick”: If you want to land the thing, just turn off the motors. The design is known to be almost indestructible.

“Turtle Mode” and Full ACRO are really cool. Here we have arrived to the pros: The former helps turn the drone around when you’re on the ground after a fall. ACRO is the “True FPV” flight mode: loops, rolls, and flips are possible here – if you can master this one, you can actually fly any FPV drone. (Even the DJI FPV in manual mode).

Turtle Mode, No Burden to Fly Away
Turtle Mode! (Like the big FPV racers)

Conclusion about the Cetus Pro FPV Kit

Is this the perfect starter kit for a small budget? Yes, it’s very possible! BetaFPV has once again improved its complete package FPV set in details with the Cetus Pro FPV Kit – the controller is fantastic, the goggles OK, the drone with brushless motors and incredible stability dedicated to every crash, finally proper instructions, the configuration for beginners seems successful, and the price is simply right.

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