The best FPV drone in an all-round carefree package for kids and all other beginners

The best FPV drone in an all-round carefree package for kids and all other beginners

One of the most-read articles on this blog is definitely the recommendation for the best entry-level drone 2019 and certainly soon the update for 2020. This recommendation here is not intended to replace the others because the Race Quad presented here is a slightly different story. FPV for kids (and not only them)!

But first, let’s start from the beginning: You’ve probably landed here because you’ve seen an awesome video on YouTube, which was recorded with an FPV Racing Drone. And now you want to fly as cool as if there were no physics — and to be totally “in” because you fly with goggles from the first-person view (FPV) and feel as if you were sitting inside. And the whole thing is also for your kids or just to give away. Then you are right here!

Indestructible FPV flying fun for all “performance classes.”

The cool thing about the racing drone presented here is that it really is “one for all.” FPV for kids? This is the solution! I got tho this because I bought the predecessor TinyHawk as an RTF kit (a kit with goggles and radio) to test it and give it away as a present. And in these Corona times, I’ve flown the EMax TinyHawk all the time in the apartment and raced through the window as gaps into the garden. But now about the FPV Drone itself:

Emax TinyHawk 2

The Emax TinyHawk 2 is a blast to fly. It is a micro (or whoop) that is suitable for indoors and outdoors, VERY robust (therefore also suitable for children), and still a full FPV quadcopter with ACRO mode to fly loops which has enough power to do that with the help of the brushless motors.

Appealing EMAX Tiny hawk II in an appealing view ready for you to grab.
The EMAX TinyHawk II has everything that makes FPV fun, and in one form for kids, beginners but also experienced pilots.

The advantages of the TinyHawk 2

  • Inexpensive start into FPV (under 180 for a kit with everything!)
  • Very robust (FPV for kids and newbies – no hassle with repairs)
  • Real FPV fun (Acro-mode capable flight controller)
  • Good brushless motors
  • Adjustable power (1S and 2S possible!)
  • EMAX quality (Good tune right out of the box)

The disadvantages of the “kids racing drone”

  • No HD recording
  • No possibility for GoPro mounting
  • Strange propeller format

Constant further development for the perfect flying fun

The TinyHawk 1 has already won a place in my heart and has become one of my absolute favorite drones. Want to take a quick spin around the place from your desk chair? No problem! On the lawn or in the garden of friends? Perfect! Speed crash into a tree? No problem, the construction, the low weight, and the ingenious plastic frame forgives everything.

But a few little things were missing from the TinyHawk despite its gritty ruggedness:

  • 2S power
  • Adjustable FPV camera
  • More video signal power
aesthetic EMAX Tiny hawk II is lying in the ground.
The inproved TinyHawk II as an develobment based on the (already ingenious) TinyHawk 1 is convincing on all levels.

And lo and behold – exactly these points and many detail improvements were implemented and improved in TinyHawk II.

The ideal introduction to FPV racing for kids and big kids in RTF kit

RTF stands for “Ready to fly” And says nothing more than Here is everything you need to start “from 0” and enjoy real FPV feeling.

EMAX drone controller and FPV goggles that you are going to enjoy.
The RTF-Kit with FPV-Goggles and RC-Controller

In addition to the child-compatible copter, the kit includes two other essential items for FPV flying: The FPV goggles and the radio remote control. Sure, this is not pro-level stuff, but it’s definitely enough to get you started. Since it is a full-fledged racing drone thanks to the CrazyBee-FC, it is no problem to use better FPV goggles and radios of your own later on.

The package is completed with batteries for goggles and two different batteries (1S and 2S) for different power levels of the racer, plus everything else like chargers, cables, spare propellers, and a pretty awesome bag to store it all in.

EMAX Tiny hawk II with all the fabulous equipments.
Really EVERYTHING in it what you need to start and for this price!

FPV for children – From how many years on?

Flying a racing drone is not that easy. Certain motor skills are a basic requirement. The sticks on the remote have two axes each. The opjtask ective is to move an object in three-dimensional space.

Just a toy?

Small but no. At first glance, the TinyHawk drone seems like a toy just because of its size, but it has everything that makes a real FPV racer:

  • Powerful brushless motors
  • 200mW FPV video transmission
  • Betaflight capable flight controller
  • => Full ACRO at 2S power

The connoisseur knows that this is not a “pure toy,” and with these components, real FPV racing is possible.
I know some experienced FPV pilots with various self-built Quadcopters who regularly reach for the TinyHawk II. Just for indoors, or thanks to 2S power also outdoors without scaring people, as you do with a 5″. However, they usually use their own goggles and radio and have bought the quad as a standalone.

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